Kitty O'Neill
Kitty O'Neill
Key information
Birth place USA
Status Alive
Profession Political aide
Relationships Tom Kane - ex-employer
Ben Zajac - ex-lover
Catherine Walsh - employer
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Kathleen Robertson
Season 1 & 2
First episode "Listen"
Last episode "Louder Than Words"
Appearances 9 episodes (see below)
Kitty O'Neill is a political aide. She is the personal aide to Mayor Tom Kane when the series begins but is also having an affair with his rival Ben Zajac. She is fired because of her divided loyalties and goes to work for Zajac.

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Season 1Edit

Kitty attends a campaign event for Governor McCall Cullen where Kane speaks in support of the Governor publicly. Kane backs away from his crony to support young and ambitious state treasurer Ben Zajac to replace him after the event.

== Work on Kane's redevelopment project for the city's O'Hare Airport is halted when an unpopular cemetery relocation project uncovers ancient Native American paintings. Kane is furious when the construction firm owner Moco Ruiz announces the news on television instead of communicating through his alderman Lalo Mata. Kane hauls Mata over the coals for Moco's mistake, seizing him by the ear and berating him to listen. Kane meets with Native Americans and pledges to preserve the find in a museum.

Kitty attends a Latino Association dinner where Kane receives an award. After the dinner she begins an affair with Zajac.[1] link ==

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Behind the scenesEdit

Kitty O'Neill is a major character in the first and second seasons. She is played by starring cast member Kathleen Robertson.


Season 1 appearances
"Listen" "Reflex" "Swallow" "Slip"
"Remembered" "Spit" "Stasis" "Choose"
Season 1 appearances
"Listen" "Reflex" "Swallow" "Slip"
"Remembered" "Spit" "Stasis" "Choose"


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