Key information
Status Alive
Profession Nurse
Relationships Mayor Rutledge - patient
Meredith Kane - employer
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Anish Jethmalani
Season 2
Episode "Louder Than Words",The Conversation","Consequence"
Nadeem is a mild-mannered nurse, employed by Meredith Kane to care for her father, former Mayor Rutledge.


Season 2Edit

Meredith criticizes him for putting talk shows on the television at her father's home, explaining that he prefers to watch the news.[1] She criticizes him again when he lets Emma ostensibly administer a bulbocapnine injection to the former Mayor[2]. Later, Emma, noticing signs of awareness from her grandfather, distracts Nadeem and surreptitiously places another of the catatonia-inducing injections into a pillow[3].


Season 2 appearances
"Louder Than Words" "Through and Through" "Ablution" "Redemption" "Mania"
"Backflash" "The Conversation" "Consequence" "Clinch" "True Enough"


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