Key information
Status Alive
Profession Volunteer
Ben Zajac campaign
Relationships Ben Zajac - boss
Rick Mathers - boss
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Kallie Miller
Season 2
Episode "Louder Than Words"
Patty is a campaign volunteer for State Treasurer Ben Zajac during his gubernatorial race.


Season 2Edit

Zajac asks her name and thanks her for her work when she brings a document to his office.[1]

She suggests she is interested in helping Sejak in any way, including sexually, and Sejak does take her up on the offer in the office. However he later has her transferred out of his office when she asserts her opinion inappropriately.

Behind the scenesEdit

Patty is a recurring character in the second season. She is played by co-star Kallie Miller and debuts in "Louder Than Words".


Season 2 appearances
"Louder Than Words" "Through and Through" "Ablution" "Redemption" "Mania"
"Backflash" "The Conversation" "Consequence" "Clinch" "True Enough"


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