Season 1, Episode 5
Air date November 18, 2011
Written by Angelina Burnett
Directed by Jean de Segonzac
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Remembered is the fifth episode of the first season. It is the fifth episode of the series overall. It was first broadcast on November 18, 2011. It was written by Angelina Burnett and directed by Jean de Segonzac.


When long-buried information resurfaces, Kane and his camp battle the media to contain the situation. With the primary just around the corner, they'll pull out all the stops to keep the upper hand.




  1. Kelsey Grammer as Tom Kane
  2. Connie Nielsen as Meredith Kane
  3. Hannah Ware as Emma Kane
  4. Jeff Hephner as Ben Zajac
  5. Kathleen Robertson as Kitty O'Neill

Guest starring

  1. Martin Donovan as Ezra Stone
  2. Troy Garity as Sam Miller
  3. Francis Guinan as Governor McCall Cullen
  4. David Pasquesi as Jack Bentley
  5. Rotimi Akinosho as Darius Morrison
  6. Jennifer Mudge as Debra Whitehead
  7. James Vincent Meredith as Alderman Ross
  8. Ricardo Gutierrez as Alderman Lalo Mata
  9. Tim Decker as Ronnie Moretti
  10. Kevin Gudahl as Alderman Solomon
  11. Tony Mockus as Mayor Rutledge


  1. Brian Boland as a Father
  2. Diann Burns as a FOX Reporter
  3. Andrew Carter as a Reporter
  4. Patrick Clear as Mayor Gregg
  5. Ilyssa Fradin as Reporter Kendra Simmons
  6. Dennis Kelly as Alan Feig
  7. Steve Lenz as Phone Monkey / Kane's Aide
  8. Tamberla Perry as Tia Ross
  9. Carmen Roman as Dr. Gabriela Reyes
  10. Stef Tovar as Gary - O'Hare Negotiator
  11. Cedric Young as a Union Rep


Opening credits

  1. Peter Giuliano - Episodic Producer
  2. Bradford Winters - Co-Executive Producer
  3. Stella Bulochnikov - Executive Producer
  4. Brian Sher - Executive Producer
  5. Gus Van Sant - Executive Producer
  6. Lyn Green - Executive Producer
  7. Richard Levine - Executive Producer
  8. Farhad Safinia - Executive Producer
  9. Kelsey Grammer - Executive Producer
  10. Farhad Safinia - Creator
  11. Angelina Burnett - Writer
  12. Jean de Segonzac - Director

Closing credits

  1. Randy S. Nelson - Associate Producer
  2. Angelina Burnett - Story Editor
  3. Kasper Tuxen - Director of Photography
  4. Daniel B. Clany - Production Designer
  5. Stephen Mark. A.C.E. - Editor
  6. Brian Reitzel - Music
  7. Joshua Throne - Unit Production Manager
  8. James Giovannetti, Jr. - First Assistant Director (AD)
  9. Traci Lewis - Second AD
  10. Lauren Grey - Casting
  11. Claire Simon - Chicago Casting

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