Ryan Kavanaugh
Ryan Kavanaugh
Key information
Status Alive
Profession Police Detective (retired)
Relationships Tom Kane - old friend
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Danny Goldring
Season 1 & 2
First episode "Spit"
Last episode "Louder Than Words"
Appearances 3 episodes (see below)
Ryan Kavanaugh is an old friend of Mayor Tom Kane and a retired police detective.

Season 1Edit

When Tom Kane is doubting if he is a monster, Ryan Kavanaugh assures him he's a great man because he has built so much for Chicago. When Kane seeks advice, Kavenaugh says that Tom has to do something bad to do something good.

Ryan Kavanaugh pursuades Gabriela Reyes to publically redact her statement against Kane.

Season 2Edit

Tom Kane asks him to give his introduction at the O'Hare airport redevelopment groundbreaking ceremony. He is reluctant to speak publicly but agrees to help his old friend.[1]

When they were younger, Tom and Ryan dated many women. He keeps a picture in his bar of Kane and him with their dates (one of whom was Ian's mother, Barbara).

Ryan is loyal to Kane and never questions Kane's directives to him - like when Kane said it is time to betray their old friend, Ryan is implied to be the one who leaked a damning phone conversation of the Superintendent that caused his forced resignation

Behind the scenesEdit

Ryan Kavanaugh is a recurring character in the first and second seasons. He is played by guest star Danny Goldring.


Season 1 appearances
"Listen" "Reflex" "Swallow" "Slip"
"Remembered" "Spit" "Stasis" "Choose"
Season 2 appearances
"Louder Than Words" "Through and Through" "Ablution" "Redemption" "Mania"
"Backflash" "The Conversation" "Consequence" "Clinch" "True Enough"


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